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Category Tree Creating

Website Navigation Menu

Content Development

Category Tree Creating

I started working on the information architecture in the 10th week of the project, after designing all basic e-commerce pages
for desktops and laptops.

The re-categorization of 22 main categories and 800+ products listed under dozens of sub-categories linked to these categories were of utmost importance. It was also one of my key tasks to create this categorization and present it to users in
an understandable and accessible menu.

First of all, I listed the product category structure of the competitors that I determined in the research process.
I compared them with the existing structure of APS after I defined their common and different features.

Common Features

• Products were categorized based on their types
and areas of usage. There was a defined category hierarchy.

• Brands were defined as a product feature,
not as a category

• The levels of sub-category were limited 2 or 3 max.

• The attributes identified of each product category were determined according to technical attributes
of the products in these categories

Existing Category Structure

• It was designed according to the working principles of the company and the knowledge of the employees. There was no established category hierarchy.

• Brands were used as a product category,
not as a feature.

• The level of the sub-category for some product categories was 5 or more.

• Any identification of features and filtering
for the products and categories did not exist.

I shared with the project director the information
architecture that I’d like to design
by the comparison list which I had prepared
for each product category for a substitution
of the current structure. While designing
the information architecture, even though
I couldn’t have done a user-centred study*,
I strived to design a structure which was
easy to understand, access and remember, considering the market standards.

* I wanted to make an online tree testing as a next step to
a better understanding of users and to well-grounded hypothesis. I planned to make this test with the users subscribed to the company’s email newsletter.
However, this study couldn’t be conducted because of
the lack of the required permissions





With ‘ALL PRODUCTS’ menu, I aimed for users to reach all the main categories and their related sub-categories from one place.

I strived to build a hierarchy appropriate for each main category and product groups within them, as well as to offer appropriate call-to-action and descriptions.

I designed the product categories in the main menu to be listed with their images in the dropdown menus of the other category titles, like garden machinery, accessories, heaters etc. Thus, I wanted to take advantage of visual memory of users.

Content Development

After designing the information architecture and the main navigation, I started to work on the determination of the product attributes. By repeating the method that I used while creating a category tree, I shared with the project director the product attributes that I determined.

Some necessary arrangements and additional data entries had to be made after building the information architecture and determining the product attributes. I explained to the project director that I’d like to provide the company with additional support by running a collaborative work for this major alteration. My aim was to facilitate communication and so to minimize the probable errors.

All data entries, visual revisions, preparing the category images of all main and sub categories, and defining and changing
the product names for SEO,
were made by me between 11th and 14th weeks of the project by an appropriate work environment provided in the shop and full-time working.


Which design methods have I used?
How did the design process proceed?
Which outputs did reveal?


Which screens did I design?
What was my role in the development phase?
Which tests did I make?