Korkmaz Varis

I'm Korkmaz. Professional graphic and UI/UX designer.

I am a graphic and UI/UX designer.
At first starting to work as a professional on graphic design I recently focused mostly on UI design.
I started to get interested in user experience methodology as well as UI design and I focused to improve myself in UX design.
I have some knowledge on HTML/CSS, WP and e-commerce.
I use the profession-related programs professionally.
By now I have served solution to mostly small and medium sized firms.
For this reason  I have some experience on doing effective work with small budgets.
If you need to help on graphic design, UI/UX design, front-end and IT, please contact me.



Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Indesign
Balsamiq Mockups
Wordpress / WooCommerce

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Last Projects

UI/UX design for Mother & Baby Magazine

User interface design of annebebek.com.tr

UI/UX design for Projectdam

User interface design of projectdam.com

UI/UX design for TIMFED

User interface design of timfed.com.tr



Korkmaz Varış worked voluntarily on the renewal of our association’s website In 2015, and made interface design of our website.
He has provided more than just volunteering with the effort he has shown, solution offers and his adaptation to the teamwork.

We appreciate the friendly, professional manner in which he relate to clients. His apparent innate creativity plus the technical expertise that he possess aids in the production of a web site that speaks to the needs and desires of our organization.
Mr. Varis treat every idea as if it was meant for his own business, spending the time to understand what exactly it is. “I felt like I was his only customer“. He worked closely with our company in order to achieve the perfect solution. Mr. Varis was always able to address every question we had and every problem we had immediately and adequately been adressed/solved.

A. Faysal Sendemir, CEO of Gencorme

For the duration of his service in our firm Korkmaz has been a good teammate with both his professional knowledge and character. The attention he pays to his profession is excellent, he organizes time very well, communicates positively with people, and focuses on solutions. He is open to learning and successful in following new technologies. He is not afraid to share his knowledge and skill with people.

I received freelance support from Korkmaz for the renewal of my e-commerce site lunluncicek.com with WooCommerce infrastructure and also for preparation and publishing of my organization company Lunlun Davet’s website (lunlundavet.com).
I would like to mention that we worked in harmony with Korkmaz for the entire period.

Banu Dorken Erol, Founder of Lunlun Flowers

The quality of his outsourced freelance services and the communication he established with our friends in the magazine is sufficient for us to work with him for many more years.

During the preparation of the book I received an incredible quality and speedy service. Thanks to his fast feedbacks we were able to work in harmony. His experience in the desktop publishing industry, his creative designs, his practical solutions have been a big help in the preparation of the book. As a continuation of his excellent service we have also performed the first version of the website of the training kit, outdoor and corporate identity studies.
In addition to the his involvement to the project, brand communication and strategies also his business discipline, freelance service quality, and his always being open to give feedback and team work are increasing our desire to work together in the future of our project.

Yılmaz Altintas, Founder of A.C.A Career

Korkmaz Varış has integrated our company and its projects in the best possible way to the digital world with his online (web site, social media, digital marketing etc.) and offline (catalog, outdoor advertising, etc.) brand communication experiences.
With his deep knowledge in the fields of brand recognition and digital marketing he has contributed to our firm.
Thanks to his labor discipline, solution proposals and his patience, he has completely removed our prejudices about receiving freelance support.

Yunus Emre Ağaoğlu, Manager of Inovva Real Estate Investment


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